5. Plentiful and educated human resources
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Danang has well trained human resources. It is an advantage of the city for attracting investments.
5.1 - The workforce of Danang accounts for nearly 50% of the city population. Annually thousands of personnel are trained in universities and professional and vocational secondary schools in Danang to meet the demand for manpower not only for the city but also for the central region.

- Danang has 25 universities and colleges and 19 vocational secondary schools.Danang University

- These institutions offer training in diverse fields, including science and technology, IT, architecture, economics, business administration, foreign languages, etc.

- There are 59 vocational centers in Danang providing workers with short-term training courses in computing, sewing, mechanics, electricity, electronics, engineering techniques, hospitality, and other fields.

- Danang University is cooperating with universities in foreign countries with good education systems such as France, the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand to train human resources in Danang as well as abroad.

- Much attention has been paid to development of skilled software programmers and IT technicians in Danang. By 2015, the number of well trained IT and electronic engineers and technicians and software programmers will reach 5,000 to 7,000 persons every year.

5.2 - The labor costs in Danang are lower than that in other big cities in Vietnam.

Source : Plan for Human Resource Development in Danang
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