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Established by the Danang People's Committee, Da Nang Investment Promotion Agency (IPA DANANG) is responsible for promotion, attraction and facilitation of domestic and foreign direct investment into Danang City. IPA DANANG helps investors establish and develop their projects in Danang. 

IPA Danang provides a wide range of free, confidential and customized services to investors, bridging the gaps between investors and the city authorities. We are your reliable partner on a long-term basis from the very start of your projects and available to help at any stage of your investment in Danang



  • Provide organizations, enterprises, investors with information on investment laws, policies and procedures; Potential for socio-economic development, market, partners and investment opportunities in Da Nang city;
  • Advise investors on legal, financial and other related fields for investing in the city
  • Liaison with departments and agencies related to the land and facilities needed to implement the investment project;
  • Assist investors to carry out investment procedures before, during and after the project is granted investmentregistration and business registration certificate as prescribed
  • Receive, synthesize and submit to competent agencies to settle the cases according to proposals and complaints of investors;
  • Organize promotional activities on investment environment and opportunities in Danang (conferences, seminars, forums for investment promotion, fairs and exhibitions, etc.) and business linkages programmes;
  • Organize professional training courses on investment and business related legislation and skills
  • Provide support as required by the investor to establish and implement an investment project. .

IPA DA NANG always accompanies investors and provides quality assurance services as required by investors.


Contact us:

Da Nang Investment Promotion Agency (IPA DA NANG)

Tel: 84-236-3886243   Fax: 84-236-3810056

Email: ipa@danang.gov.vn

Website: www.investdanang.gov.vn


Japan Desk (Directly under IPA Da Nang, providing support services to Japanese investors in Japanese)

   Tel: 84-236-3886244

   Email: japandesk@danang.gov.vn

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