Supporting industrial park to be developed in Da Nang
Author: Hiền Updated: 17/02/2021 Views: 9

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved some adjustments to a master plan for developing industrial parks (IPs) in Da Nang by 2025.

In detail, the area of the Hoa Nhon Industrial Park in suburban Hoa Vang District's Hoa Nhon Commune will be reduced to 360.59 ha from 393.57ha.

Similarly, the Hoa Cam IP, Hoa Ninh IP, and the 2nd stage of the Hoa Cam IP will have their areas reduced by Da Nang government.

Of special note, a 58.531ha supporting industrial park will be developed near the Da Nang Hi-Tech Park.

However, other IPs included in the master plan will remain unchanged.

The Prime Minister has urged Da Nang government to develop IPs in tandem with building more affordable housing schemes, and cultural and sports centres, for IP workers in a synchronous manner.



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