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1 02/NQ-CP dated January 01 2020 Resolution No.02/NQ-CP regarding on-going implementation of major duties and measures to improve business environment and enhance national competitiveness in 2020 01/01/2020
2 15/2015/NĐ-CP Decree No. 15/2015/ND-CP on investment in the form of public-private partnership 22/04/2017
3 19-2017 /NQ-CP Resolution No. 19-2017/NQ-CP on the main tasks and solutions to improve the business environment and enhance national competitiveness in 2017 06/02/2017
4 06/2017/NĐ-CP Decree 06/2017/ND-CP on horse, dog racing and international football betting 24/01/2017
5 01/2017/NĐ-CP Decree No. 01/2017/ND-CP amending and supplementing a number of decrees detailing implementation of the Land Law 06/01/2017
6 46/2016/QĐ-UBND Decision No. 46/2016/QĐ-UBND dated December 20th 2016 on new land price taking effective from the date of January 1st 2017 20/12/2016
7 03/2016/QH14 Law No. 03/2016/QH14 dated November 22, 2016, on amendment and supplement to Article 6 andAnnex 4 on the list of conditional business lines stipulated in the Law on Investment 22/11/2016
8 154/2016/NĐ-CP Decree No.154/2016/NĐ-CP dated 16/11/2016 by The government defining environmental protection charge for wastewater 16/11/2016
9 302/2016/TT-BTC Circular No. 302/2016/Tt-Btc dated 15/11/2016 by the Ministry of Finance on guidelines for license fees. 15/11/2016
10 153/2016/NĐ/CP Decree No. 153/2010/Nd-Cp dated 14/11/2016 by The government providing for regional minimum wage rates applied to employees working under an employment contract 14/11/2016

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