3. Dynamically growing economy
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3.1 - Strong and sustained GDP growth
Danang has experienced continual and stable economic growth in line with progress made in social life, advanced infrastructure and better urban planning.
Major industrial products consist of seafood, textile and garments, footwear, mechanical products, building materials, fine-arts handicrafts, and so on. The city's government is now focusing on developing high-tech indútríe, in particular the ICT industry, to be one of the key industries of high economic efficacy.
GDP Growth Rate (%)
Source: Report of Danang PC and Statistics Office
Source: Report of Danang PC
Source: Report of Danang PC
3.2 - Progress in trade activities
Export turnover has increased continually in the recent years. Kinds of products made in Danang are exported to more than 90 countries and territories in the world.
In addition, much attention has been paid to improving trade relations between Danang and other countries along the East West Economic Corridor.

1,303.6 mil USD                  Export turnover 2016

1,119.5 mil USD                  Import turnover 2016

6,430 mil USD                     Export turnover  2011 – 2016 (↑ 15.4%/year)

6,140 mil USD                     Import turnover 2011 – 2016 (↑ 6.6%/year)

3,350 mil USD                     Total retail sales of goods and services 2016

14.4%/year                           Total retail sales of goods and services 2011-2016

Source: Danang Trade and Industry Dept.

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