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A. Project file

1. Notice on adjustment of enterprise registration (the prescribed form);

2. Valid copies of the following documents:

2.1 Identification card or valid passport in case of individual owner;

2.2 Decision on establishment or registration certificate of the enterprise or other equivalent document in case of institutional owner; List of authorized representatives; identity card or valid passport of authorized representative and the corresponding authorization documents (refer to Article 15 of the Law on Enterprises);

3. Valid copy of the adjusted company’s charter (reference sample);

4. Stock transfer contract or relevant documents confirming the completed transfer (reference sample);

5. Letters from Department of Planning and Investment approving the capital contribution, share purchase and capital contribution of foreign investors for the case pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article 26 of the Law on Investment;

6. Reference letter of applicant

B. Number of application sets: 01 original set

C. Time-limit for processing project file: 03 working days

D. Agency receiving dossiers: One-stop shop of Department of Planning and Investment

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