Da Nang Fishery Centre Project

  1. Location: Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City. 7km from 14B Highway, 10km from Da Nang International Airport, 5km from City Central, 16km from Industrial Park and 26km from Hi-tech Park.
  2. Objectives: Establishing fishery center in the area adjacent to South China Sea and Hoang Sa fishing grounds based on attracting and exploiting resources and promoting the potentials & advantages of geographical position, natural conditions, infrastructure, region resources… in order to build dynamic aquatic economic zones with high and sustainable growth rate.
  3. Scale:building a fishery center with six functions: offshore fishing, trading, seafood processing, logistic services, searching and rescuing and human resources training.

Items of the project include:

- Upgrading and expanding Tho Quang fishing port: A project for upgrading the port to a specialized fishing port has been submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, currently expecting Ministry approval.

- Upgrading and expanding the general fishing port: at wharf 02 (from the north) at the entrance of the toll station, including the remaining 200m of embankment items.

- Upgrading and expanding shelter area Au Thuyen Tho Quang (both inside and outside of Man Quang bridge) including dredging,ensuring safe operation2000CV ships, 20 to 30 anchorages...

- Improving the province without Man Quang bridge

- Upgrading and expanding Tho Quang wholesale market (to the North).

- Building an international fishing port serving the export and import of marine products and large-capacity vessels (in the water surface areaof Man Quang Bridge’s north in Man Quang urban area​​).

- Other items: training facilities, research facilities ...

4. Total investment capital (expected): VND 1.000 bil (~ $45 mil).

5. Investment form: PPP (Public Private Partnership)

6. Project status:Da Nang People’s Committee is planning project and submitting to the Government for the policy of implementing the project.

7. Incentive policies

- Corporate income tax: 15% for the project life. Particularly for the income from investment in preservation of aquatic products, the tax is 10%

- Land and water surface rents:

+ Land and water surface rents exemption from the project completion date.

+ Land rent exemption from construction of workers’ dwelling houses, planting trees and public purposes.

- Import tax:Import tax exemption for 5 years from the date of production commencement (excluding trial production time) towards materials and spare parts not produced at home.

8. Investment support of the city

- Land clearance:

+ Da Nang People’s Committee will be responsible for directing and organizing land recovery, compensation, support and resettlement in accordance with regulations for areas where land clearance is required to implement the project.

+ Da Nang People’s Committee will be responsible for directing, organizing and arranging the suitable processing and trading activities, etc to implement the items of renovation and upgrading.

- Administrative procedures: Ensure the handling of procedures under the inter-agency one-stop-shop mechanism and committee maximum support to investors in the course of project implementation.

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