The project of mushroom, commercial mushroom, medicinal mushroom production

  1. Location: In the south of Hoa Quy Garment Factory, under the project of university village, Hoa Quy Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City. Land area : 3ha

14km from 14B National Highway, 10 km from Da Nang International Airport, 12 km from city centre, 20km from industrial parks and 26 km from Da Nang Hi-teck Park

  1. Objective:

- Building mushroom, commercial mushroom, medicinal mushroom manufacturing facility, safe for domestic consumption and export

 - Transferring mushroom cultivation and processing technologies to farmers in the city.

  1. Content :

The project includes:

- The buffer zone creates landscapes for the project;

- The nethouse area ensures technical standards on light, humidity, temperature and pest control;

- The technical house consists of equipment that performs the technical process of raw material handling, bagging, care, harvesting and packaging;

- Operating area

  1. Estimated invested capital :20 billion VND (90,000 USD)
  2. Form of investment : 100% owned foreign capital
  3. Process of investment:depend on the investor
  4. Current status:The boundary diagram and detailed project plan are being developed.The land is currently being allocated to households for management.
  5. Preferential policies

- Corporate income tax:15% for project life. Especial in income from the production, multiplication and hybridization of mushrooms, the tax is 10%.

- Land and water surface rental charges:

+ The project is exempt from land and water surface rent from the date the project is completed and put into operation 

+ Exemption from land rent for construction of dwelling houses for workers, planting trees and public purposes

- Import Tax:

+ Exemption from export tax for a period of 5 years from the date of commencement of production (excluding trial production time) for raw materials, supplies and components which have not been produced in Viet Nam yet.

+Exemption from export tax of mushroom varieties which have not been produced in the country yet and be necessary to be imported in direct service of the project's activities.

      9. Investment support of the city

-Land clearance: Da Nang People's Committee is responsible for directing and organizing land recovery, compensation, support and resettlement in accordance with regulations.

-Technical infrastructure: Support electricity and water supply, communication to the works

- Training: Support training, technical training in cultivation, care, harvesting and preservation.

- Varieties: Support the supply of mushroom varieties, quality seedlings; technology support in the production and processing of mushrooms and mushroom products.

- Labor: Support the recruitment of suitable labor for the project

-Administrative procedures: Ensure the handling of “one-stop” system procedures and ensure maximum support for investors in the process of project implementation.

-Support policies for labor training, breeding, techniques, trademarks, geographical indications, product marketing and other supporting policies as prescribed.

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