Concentrated livestock and poultry husbandry farm (Breeding pigs and chickens)

  1. Location: The Concentrated Livestock and Poultry Husbandry farm in Phu Son Tay Village, Hoa Khuong Commune; Land area 30ha. 18km from Highway 14B, 22km from Da Nang International Airport, 24km from city Central and 22km from Da Nang Industrial Park and Hi-tech Park.
  1. Objectives:Investing the construction and operation of the concentrated pigs and chickens husbandry farm applied hi-tech in care and processing to ensure food safety and hygiene for consumption in Da Nang and some surrounding provinces and cities.
  1. Project contents:

The Concentrated Livestock and Poultry Husbandry Farm built with the following main items:

- Buffer Zone surrounds farm with many types of green trees, creating both landscape and income for the project.

- Closed farming system (cooling system, ventilation fan and automatic trough), application of bio-pads in animal husbandry to ensure environmental hygiene.

- Closed slaughter system ensures food safety and hygiene.

- Waste treatment system.

- Closed biogas system.

- Operator and reception areas.

  1. Total investment capital (expected):VND 230 bil (~ $10 mil)
  1. Investment form: 100% investor capital
  1. Project progress:Investor’s proposal
  2. Project status:The boundary diagram and detailed project plan are being developed. The land is currently being allocated to households for management.
  1. Investment incentive and supporting policies

- Corporate income tax: 15% for the project life. Particularly for the income from production, multiplication and breeding of cattle and poultry, the taxis 10%.

- Land and water surface rents:

+ Land and water surface rents exemption from the project completiondate.

+ Land rent exemption from construction of workers’ dwelling houses, planting trees and public purposes.

- Import tax:

+ Import tax exemption for 5 years from the date of production commencement (excluding trial production time) towards materials and spare parts not produced at home

+ Import tax exemption for domestic animal not produced at home and necessary to be imported for the direct service of project’s activities.

  1. Investment support of the city

- Land clearance: Da Nang People’s Committee is responsible for directing and organizing land recovery, compensation, support and resettlement in accordance with regulations.

- Technical infrastructure: supportingthe supply of electricity, water and communication to the project works

- Administrative procedures: Ensuring the handling of procedures under the inter-agency one-stop-shop mechanism and committing maximum support to investors in the course of project implementation

- Supporting policies for labor training, breeding techniques, trademarks, geographical indications, product marketing and other supporting policies in accordance with regulations.

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