Safe and Organic Vegetables Project

  1. Location: Investors choose one of following location:

- Trung Nghia village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang District. Land area: 35ha. About 22km from National Highway 14B, 27km from Da Nang International Airport, 28km from downtown, 19km from industrial parks and 20km from Da Nang Hi-tech Park.

- Dien Son field, fifth village, Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district. Land area: 20ha.About 16km from National Highway 14B, 31km from Da Nang International Airport, 33km from downtown, 24km from industrial parks and 25km from Da Nang Hi-tech Park.

  1. Objective:

To establish safe vegetable areas, based on VietGAP or GlobalGAP and organic vegetables using high technology to serve the needs of safe vegetables for domestic and export market.

Transfer technology of early processing, processing and preservation of standard vegetables for farmers in the city.

  1. Content of the project :

The project includes the following items:

- The surrounding buffer zone creates landscapes for the project;

- Greenhouses with glass roofs are designed using solar panels to produce electricity for the project;

- The insulation area and packing workshop in a closed model to ensure food hygiene and safety;

- Operating area and parking area for visitors.

  1. Estimated invested capital:110 bil VND (05 mil USD)
  2. Investment form: 100% capital of investors
  3. Progress of the project:investors propose
  1. Project Status:The boundary diagram and the detailed project plan are being developed.Land is being managed by the households
  1. Investment promotion policies

- Business income tax is 15% during the life of the project. Particularly for income from the production, multiplication and breading of vegetables, the tax is 10%.

- Land and water surface rent:

+ Land rent and water surface rent exemption from the date the project starts operating

+Land rent and water surface rent exemption for constructions of workers’ house, plants and public interest.

- Import tax:

+ Import tax exemption for a period of 5 years from the date of commencement of production (excluding trial production time) for raw materials, supplies and components which can not be produced in the country.

+ Import tax exemption for vegetables which can not be produced in the country and which are necessary to be imported in direct service of the project's activities.

  1. Investment support of the city

- On land clearance: Da Nang People’s Committee is responsible for directing and organizing eviction, compensation, support, resettlement as prescribed

- On technical infrastructure: Support electricity, water supply, communication to the project works

-On labor: Support the recruitment of suitable labor for the project

- On administrative procedures: Ensure the handling of “one-stop” system procedures and ensure maximum support for investors in the process of project implementation.

- Support policies for labor training, species, techniques, trademarks, geographical indications, product marketing and other supporting policies as prescribed.

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