Summary Decree No. 153/2010/Nd-Cp dated 14/11/2016 by The government providing for regional minimum wage rates applied to employees working under an employment contract
Document No. 153/2016/NĐ/CP
Field Enterprise - Investment
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Date of issuance 14/11/2016
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Accordingly, subjects of application include: Employees who work under terms and provisions of employment contracts prescribed by the Labor Code; Enterprises which are established, organized and operated under the Corporate Law; Cooperatives, cooperative unions, artels, farms, households, individuals and other organizations in Vietnam that hire employees working under employment contracts; Overseas institutional entities and international organizations and foreigners operating within the territory of Vietnam that hire employees under employment contracts (unless otherwise stipulated by international conventions 

to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a party). Regional minimum wage rates applied to employees working for enterprises shall be prescribed as follows, as of 01/01/2017

Region I : Increase from VND 3.500.000/month to VND 3,750,000/ month; - Region II : Increase from VND 3.100.000/month to 3.320.000/month; - Region III: Increase from VND 2.700.000/month to 2.900.000/month; - Region IV: Increase from VND 2.400.000/month to 2.580.000/month. (Note: Danang city is in region II) This Decree takes effective from 01/01/2017.

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