Da Nang Value Trademark
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The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam has granted the trademark certificate No. 367846 according to Decision No. 88378 / QD-SHTT dated October 26, 2020 to "DANANG VALUE" trademark to recognize typical products of Da Nang city.

Công bố mẫu nhãn hiệu chứng nhận sản phẩm đặc trưng thành phố Đà Nẵng

The trademark "DANANG VALUE" is a symbol of prestige, quality, and is a unique product of Da Nang city, contributing to honor and recognize commercial products typical of the city, encourage the development of production, promote commercial efficiency, and meet the shopping needs of domestic and foreign tourists and improve the efficiency of cultural diplomacy of the city.

According to the regulation on recognizing the typical commercial products of the city issued under Decision No. 6875 / QD-UBND dated October 10, 2016 of the People's Committee of Da Nang city, the products are recognized as typical commercial products of the city will use the “DANANG VALUE” trademark to attach to the product, its packaging and related transaction documents for the purpose of promoting the recognized product (limited duration). In addition, enterprises whose products are recognized as distinctive commercial products will also be supported with free product promotion on the portal of the city and departments; be given priority in preferential loans and to be supported to participate in domestic and foreign trade promotion activities. Through that, businesses will have the opportunity to improve their position, brand, and reputation of products with domestic consumers and have the opportunity to expand into foreign markets.

The Department of Industry and Trade is the agency assigned by the People's Committee of Da Nang city to manage, monitor and guide the exploitation and use of the "DANANG VALUE" certification mark and grant the right to use this certification mark to manufacturing businesses and enterprises whose products are recognized by the City People's Committee as "typical commercial products of the city".

Source: baodanang.vn/ translated by Hien Pham IPA


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