The General Statistics Office announced the estimated figures for Da Nang city in 2020
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The General Statistics Office of Vietnam has just announced the 2020 GRDP of cities directly-governed by the Central Government (at the Official Dispatch No. 1231 / TCTK-TKQG dated September 7).

Accordingly, the GRDP (constant price 2010) in 2020 of Da Nang city is estimated at 62,664 billion VND; GRDP scale (current price) is estimated at 101,233 billion VND; GRDP growth rate is estimated to decrease by 9.26%, of which services are estimated to decrease by 7.97%, industry - construction is estimated to decrease by 10.49%, fisheries - agriculture - forestry is estimated to increase by 2.57%, tax on products excluding subsidies for products were estimated to decrease by 15.94%; GRDP structure by 2020 is estimated to reach: service 65.1%; industry - construction 22.3%; agriculture 2.2%; product tax minus product subsidy 10.4%.

The economy of Da Nang city in 2020 plummeted because Covid-19 broke out in 2020 on a global scale with a great impact on the world economy in general, Vietnam and Da Nang city in particular. Along with that is the breakdown of supply chains, value chains and services, especially the second outbreak of epidemic in Da Nang city from the end of July 2020 that has negatively affected economic development - the city's society as well as the ability to fulfill the socio-economic development targets in 2020 set by the City Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee.

The General Statistics Office also announced that the GRDP growth rate in Da Nang city in the period 2015-2020 will be to 4% / year, of which: service industries 4.72%; industry - construction 2.4%; agriculture  3.16% and product tax 2.93%. Particularly, the GRDP per capita target by the end of 2019 has reached USD 4,156, reaching the proposed resolution of the period 2015-2020, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the average GRDP per capita in 2020 is reduced to US $ 3,678.

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