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  1. Dossiers

1. Business registration form of Shareholding Company (fill in the stipulated form).

2. List of founding shareholders (fill in the stipulated form) and shareholders who are foreigners (fill in the stipulated form); List of authorized representatives by foreign founding shareholders (fill in the stipulated form)

3. Company charter (follow guidance);

4. Valid copies of these following documents:

4.1 With respect to shareholder being an individual, a copy of people’s identity card, passport or other lawful personal identification;

4.2 With respect to shareholders being an organization, a copy of the establishment decision, business registration certificate or other equivalent documents of the organization; power of attorney, people's identity card, passport or other lawful personal identification of the authorized representative (see Article 15 Enterprise Law about authorization);

4. With respect to company being established by foreign investors or FDI’s organizations, a copy of investment registration certificate according to Investment Law and guidance documents;

5. Document of an authorized body or organization certifying the legal capital;

6. Valid copies of Investment Registration Certificate.

B. Number of dossier: 01

C. Processing time: within 03 working days if the dossier is valid


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